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This is a 7 night / 6 day hunt.

Maine moose hunting is by lottery only! You can apply online after Jan. 1 ( for details click to the IF&W website below.

We offer 2 different hunts:



This hunt is for anyone who has all the necessary equipment for hunting and extracting your moose from your hunting zone. We are centrally located and have access to zones 5, 10, 11, 6, and 19. I have personally guided and have been 100% successful in all of the zones listed.

This hunt includes all meals, lodging, maid service for you in your private cabin. I will personally highlight your Maine Gazeteer ( Map Book ) to insure you are in the right area for a successful hunt. I will also be available each night at dinner time for a daily consultation of areas you have hunted and areas to hunt.

Priced at $650.00 per person - $250.00 Deposit


This hunt is highly recommended for the first time Moose Hunters or Trophy Hunters. This hunt includes all meals, lodging, maid service, guide with daily transportation, extraction and delivery of moose to the check station and slaughterhouse. After the moose is skinned, we will then cape the head out and prep for the ride home and to the taxidermist. We will hunt in zones 2,3,5,6,10 and 11. We have enjoyed a 100% success rate for the last 24 years.

Priced at $3000 for 2 persons (permittee and sub permittee) - $500.00 Deposit

For those of you that have been applying for years with no success, I would not risk the chance of not getting your shot at your moose after such a long wait because you didn't hire a guide. I think future hunts in Maine will just get harder as the state wide success rate is dropping each season. There are less moose and a lot more educated ones along with the same number of hunters.

Fill out your application today at IF&W website. Remember you can't win unless you play!

Feel free to email for free consultation on hunting zones and applications.

Email: guideone@lycos.com

Get your licenses and Moose Information on the
Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website.


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